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In these modern times, most people find it more convenient to buy things at the tip of their hands. Online shopping is the new way of selling and buying what you need whenever, wherever. You can purchase almost anything from clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets and now, even lanyards for your company or organization.

www.wholesalelanyards.com provides exceptional online shopping experience for your company’s needs. Lanyards of different types are available in just one click. Designs are custom made depending on what your company or organization’s branding.

Home page is where it all started. This is where a brief summary of what we offer is displayed. Motion pictures are displayed to show how the website works. We also take pride of our products by showing most of the companies we cater. Link image on how we can connect to the most popular networking sites can be found in here. Overall, our homepage states it all about what is in store for you on the site.

landyardOnce an order was placed at our site, www.wholesalelanyards.com, it comes with free shipping anywhere in the USA, free artwork and design, free color matching, no setup or mold fees, full lanyard imprint area and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Clients often post their testimonials on how satisfied they are with their order.  These testimonials are visible from the first step in placing your order to entice future customers.

The first step in placing your order is to fill out the free quote form on the left side of the page. From here, you may choose from a few of the more common color options for lanyards. If the color preferred is not listed from the options, we recommend checking the full Pantone Solid Coated Swatch Library that contains the complete line color options. This form contains options for the lanyard type, width and color both for the lanyard and imprint, text, attachments and quantity, which is a minimum of 100 pieces.

Options for add-ons, such as safety breakaway buckle release and badge holders, are included. To make it more personalized, you may also attach the image you want to imprint on the lanyard and any other additional comments or instructions.

After submitting the form, we’ll then send over a quote and the proof to the email address provided. This will allow you to approve the quotation or request changes. If everything’s good to go, continue with the order whenever you are ready.

At www.wholesalelanyards.com, we make sure deciding on what type of lanyard to choose is easy.

Information for every type of lanyards is provided which you can find on the lanyard styles page. Details are viewable by clicking on the specific type. These include the width and the pricing.

Prices vary depending on the lanyard type, width and quantity ordered on the website. The pricing page provides this information, including the prices for the lanyard attachments and badge holders. Unlike the lanyard type and attachments where prices depend on the quantity, badge holders pricing varies from the styles offered.lanyard type

Product samples are available for viewing on the website to help in deciding which type will fit your design. These samples are viewable by going to the Gallery page. To get a detailed image, simply click on the image itself and it will be maximized.

Here at www.wholesalelanyards.com, you always get the full control on how your lanyard should look like. With this being said, we are now down to the most exciting part of the site, the Lanyard Builder. This is subdivided into three easy steps. The first step is to select lanyard type, width and quantity. Next is to select attachments and additional options. Free and paid attachments are part of the option on this step. The last step is to build your lanyard imprint design.

From here, a wide range of lanyard colors and imprint options are available. Imprint options include imprint patter, text color and style. No worries in selecting these options as we provide more information on each section by hovering the mouse to the “I” icon.

www.wholesalelanyards.com is a user-friendly site as it makes the navigation easy for everyone. Navigation links are provided as a guide on where to go. A tab on the upper portion of the page provides a clearer insight on details that can be viewed on a specific page. Help is on hand as frequently asked questions are always visible.

Background and text color blends also make it pleasing to the eye. Although it seems like a one stop shop for everyone who is looking for a new branding campaign for their company and organization, we are still making continuous improvements on the site to ensure that our shop got it all for you.

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