Playing With Golf Drivers

One of the most difficult but rewarding shots from beginners up to seasoned professionals would be the drive, as it gives you farthest distance but the least accuracy. This is because golf drivers have the longest shaft and the least lofted angle out of all the other clubs. This is why we recommend trying out all the other clubs such as irons and the hybrids first so you could actually get a feel for each.

However, if you want to be able to maximize the number of yards the ball passes as you hit it, you should first have a basic understanding of when and when not to drive, and of course, know what kind of golf drivers would be the best fit for your game. Here , you can get the best offer of  golf drivers.

Here to offer good advice to improve your driving game as well as being able to handpick the best driver for your needs.:

The driver has a large club head so a lot of fundamentals are needed to consistently hit good drives. There’s lesser control, so always make sure that you have enough space to hit the ball and remember to not add too much power to the shot. Always position yourself correctly from the tee and grip the club as naturally as you can. Essentially, what we focus on is being able to swing with the proper form and mechanics in order to hit the ball long and straight. Do anything less than this, and you’ll surely be in for some embarrassment, as golf drivers don’t give you much room for mistakes.

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The fastest and most practical way to learn the proper form would be to watch others do it whether personally or through videos on the Internet. Another thing you need to know is to when to actually go for the drive. When holes are wide open, usually it’s a safe call to drive the ball. There are numerous situations that would be good to use the drive but generally golf courses are designed differently, so it’s better to practice a lot in order to develop the sense needed for a good driving game. These tips are pretty self-explanatory, so it’s best to start on them as best as you can. But before you can even start mastering all of this, you’ll also need to know how to purchase golf drivers that would suit your game the most.

Taylormade Golf ClubIf you’re just a casual player interested in developing your skills, you don’t have to compromise on your gear as there many places where you can buy the best equipment for a good price. Personally, we at Rock Bottom Golf have our own philosophy of offering incredible deals on high quality golf equipment from the biggest golf brands so that we may be able to provide them for all types of golfers. If you want to hit the ball consistent long and straight drives, you need to find a driver with the proper loft. As a general rule, the kind of loft you would need depends on how fast you can swing.

If you think you have a slow swing, a driver with a loft of 9.5˚ might not be enough for you so we recommend looking for a driver with a higher makeup on the loft. Players who swing fast typically need fewer lofts as they create more backspin on the ball. When there is too much backspin, the distance the ball goes can actually decrease. This aspect of driving relies on your swing, so self-awareness on that trait combined with a suitable driver will increase your chances of having the ball fly straight. Furthermore, you have to choose the right tee that goes along with your driver.

Now that we’ve given you all these tips, the next and most crucial step that you must take in order to master the art of driving is to keep on practicing and experimenting on your shots on each game. Golf is not as one-dimensional as the very concept of “putting the ball inside the hole” behind the game may seem like. There are far too many mental and technical variables to consider when playing the game, so you have to make sure to get the fundamental aspects down in terms of the actual game and the equipment. In order to truly cultivate a appreciation for the game, you have to keep on trying different combinations of technique, equipment and style. Once you have this, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to get great satisfaction as a golf player.